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Coconut White Balsamic Vinegar

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Wonderfully sweet, pleasingly tart and redolent with the clean, natural flavor of coconut. A tropical delight!

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A tropical delight! Our Coconut White Balsamic is wonderfully sweet, pleasingly tart and redolent with the clean, natural flavor of coconut. For a tasty exotic treat, drizzle over pineapple, blueberries and strawberries. Chef Suggested Pairings: Persian Lime Olive Oil, Butter Olive Oil and Roasted Sesame Oil.

Ingredients: Grape must, white wine vinegar, natural flavors, naturally occurring sulfites.

Customer Reviews (7)

Donna HouchinsMar 14, 2017
Drizzled over fresh fruit has become my new obsession
I have plain yogurt and put this concoction in it and it brings it alive!
Jennifer SuarezFeb 27, 2017
Amazing taste! I tried almost every white balsamic vinegar in the store and this was my favorite! Wonderful coconut flavor. I use it for sparkling water, as a salad dressing, and can't wait to try it as a marinade. Very tropical!
Sharon PalomoMay 30, 2016
Definitely my favorite white balsamic vinegar!!! I use it in almost all my chicken and fish dishes and for salads it's a must!
Robert CoreyJul 22, 2015
This was my favorite flavor in the whole store after testing almost all of them.
Kim BedorOct 6, 2014
We had a delicious salad of baby spinach, unsweetened shredded coconut & walnuts with the Coconut White Balsamic Vinegar ...Delicious!
Lucy MascettaAug 4, 2014
I used this in a marinade for swordfish. It was fabulous - like dinner on a tropical island!
Moira DonovanJun 3, 2013
We have used this vinegar to make a delicious summer salsa--perfect for a summer night!

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