Saratoga Olive Oil Co. Chocolate Truffles


Who doesn't love chocolate?!

These chocolate truffles, made by local dessert Chef Susie Schroeder of EB Strong's (Burlington, VT), took using our products for creating sweet treats to a new level.

On the left, the chocolates are filled with a butternut squash ganache, made with our Butternut Squash Seed Oil. The rich, complex Butternut Squash Seed Oil provides a perfect nutty flavor for a dessert. The chocolates are topped with a toasted butternut squash seed. On the right, the chocolates feature an apple caramel filling, made with our Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar. Topped with our Hawaiian Alaea Red Sea Salt, the chocolates had a touch of salty flavor to balance out the richness.

Yum! We love seeing creative uses for our products. Have you ever used an oil or vinegar in a dessert recipe?