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Butternut Squash Seed Oil

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Made from 100% roasted squash seeds, this rich amber oil complements vegetables, grilled meats, or fish.

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Made from 100% roasted squash seeds in Geneva, NY located in the Finger Lakes Region. This oil has a rich amber color and toasted nutty flavor that complements vegetables, grilled meats, or fish. It is also flavorful enough to use for dipping! Chef Suggested Pairings: Chocolate Balsamic, Strawberry Balsamic or Raspberry Balsamic.

Customer Reviews (10)

Jean McMorrisFeb 7, 2017
We enjoyed this oil at a dinner hosted by my son & daughter in law. I raved about how much I liked it.
My raving went noticed as they gave us a bottle for Xmas.
Holly KnottNov 10, 2015
Love your store and all your offerings! We've used this butternut squash oil on jasmati rice and it was soooo good... such a great, nutty flavor. Had never even realized they made butternut squash oil and it was great to read it comes from squash grown in Geneva, NY! We spent 8 years in the beautiful Finger Lakes. :-)
Noreen MaloneApr 26, 2015
Delicious! I love this oil. I tossed it with garlic and spaghetti squash. I also use it all the time for dipping bread. Toss any veggies with it add some pasta and you have a great meal.
Jane YerowDec 3, 2014
This is the most delicious oil ever! I marinate skinless chicken thighs with butternut squash oil and a little ginger honey-infused white balsamic vinegar and bake it with a little bit of turmeric, powdered ginger and salt. Great with baked sweet potato with a touch of butter and coconut-infused balsamic and grated orange peel over it. Add a crisp green salad with a tart dressing and you will be swooning!
John GervatoJun 19, 2014
My favorite. Great for eggs.
DerekApr 8, 2014
Wow!! We sampled in the Lake Placid store, and were blown away. Tremendous flavour. Pair with the chocolate EVOO and even more WOW! A little bread and you have dessert. We had maxed out on our purchases at that time, but this will be on our next list! Very special and unique.
eva Feb 28, 2014
excellent taste. I have never had such a delicious oil!!
Ro Jan 25, 2014
This oil is so nutty and flavorful with a beautiful bronze coloring. Pairs well with almost any winter-weather foods.
Tom WeakleyJun 8, 2013
Received as a gift in its stylish slender bottle and immediately tossed my Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli in a generous portion of this fragrant oil to raves around the table. A crusty bread made short work of this nutty-flavored oil in our bowls. A great host gift if you can bear to part with it.
Lisa PeronJun 7, 2013
Cant keep enough of this in my pantry. I have tried the recipes suggest by Saratoga Oil Oil company (the Pumpkin Rigatoni and Butternut Squash risotto) and they were fantastic and gluten free! I made Pumpkin pasta sauce using canned pumpkin and it was out of this world. Recently made Butternut squash-coconut curry soup in my pressure cooker (vegetarian) and it was to die for. Looking forward to a trip there this weekend to stock up and get some more ideas!

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