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Traditional Collection

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Every six months we “follow the crush” at Saratoga Olive Oil Company and offer our customers new single varietal of extra virgin olive oils that are freshly produced from all over the world.  Similar to wine production, each varietal of olive produces a unique oil that is reflective of the the olive’s innate characteristics, terroir and production methods. In order to be carried by Saratoga Olive Oil Co. these extra virgin olive oils follow the strictest guidelines on production, chemical analysis, transport and storage of the oil.  

Products Included:  Mild Seasonal Extra Virgin Olive OilMedium Seasonal Olive Oil, Robust Seasonal Olive Oil, Traditional Dark Balsamic VinegarTruffle Sea SaltSelf Closing Pour Spouts and Tapi Spout.

Recipes includedCitrus, Olive and Caper Salad and Braised Cod with Olive Oil Cured Artichokes & Mushrooms  

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Products include:

  • 200ml SOOC Mild Seasonal Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Our mild extra virgin olive oils are creamy, fruity and have virtually no bitterness. They are the perfect delicate oil for pairing with more simple, light dishes such as baked white fish, tossed greens, or drizzled over fresh vegetables. Consider this your all purpose oil!
  • 200ml SOOC Medium Seasonal Olive Oil - Slightly more “green” in flavor than our mild oils, our medium extra virgins may be more herbaceous in flavor. We love our medium robust oils for sautéing or as a finishing oil on dishes with a little more complexity of flavor. Try this oil on artichokes, beets and citrus, grilled fish or bean salads!
  • 200ml SOOC Robust Seasonal Olive Oil - Our robust extra virgin olive oils will be more intense in flavor and also antioxidants. The bigger, more peppery the oil, the healthier it is! In fact, the peppery sensation on the back of your throat are those healthy antioxidants. Use this oil for dipping with traditional balsamic or for finishing strongly flavored dishes such as grilled steak or roasted pork with fruit.
  • 200ml SOOC Traditional Dark Balsamic Vinegar - Our finest Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy. Aged up to 18 years in oak barrels. Very complex, thick and potent enough to be dripped onto a dish as a condiment and balanced enough so it will pair well with one of our olive oils in a salad dressing.
  • Truffle Sea Salt - Highly prized, aromatic truffles are delicately blended with sea salt to bring a rich, earthy flavor to your cooking. This will take any dish to a new level!
  • 3 Self Closing Pour Spouts - Use on your olive oils for easy and controlled pouring.
  • 1 Tapi Spout - Use on your balsamic vinegars for easy and clean pouring.

Recipes included: Citrus, Olive and Caper Salad and Braised Cod with Olive Oil Cured Artichokes & Mushrooms