Greek Collection


Quick Overview

A perfect collection for the Greek Lover! The Greek Collection showcases some of Saratoga Olive Oil Company's most loved Mediterranean flavors. Our Greek inspired recipes will transport you to a place with radiant sun, crystal blue water and little beach coves. All you need is a small glass of Ouzo!

Products Included:  Basil Infused Olive OilGarlic Infused Olive OilSiclian Lemon White Balsamic VinegarFig Dark Balsamic Vinegar, Citrus Fennel Sea Salt, 2 Tapi Spouts and 2 Self Closing Pour Spouts.

Recipes Included:  Red Snapper with Citrus Fennel Sea Salt and Garlic PotatoesCooked Figs with Honey, Greek Yogurt and Walnuts