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Recipe Week: Fig & Garlic Wild Rice Salad

Day 4: Fig & Garlic Wild Rice Salad 

Today’s recipe, created by Amy Rosen of Cooking by Design, uses two of our most popular flavors: Fig Balsamic Vinegar and Organic Garlic Olive Oil. The heartiness of the dish as well as the inclusion of apples makes this dish a wonderful option for fall. When served at a cooler temperature - Chef Amy suggests room temperature - the dish also lends itself to being a summer salad. 

1/2 cup wild rice
2 cups brown rice
chicken broth
splash of white wine
1/2 cup toasted pine nuts
1/4 cup dried cherries
2 scallions, cut thin
1 Granny Smith apple, cut in cubes
2-3* Tbsp Saratoga Olive Oil Co. Organic Garlic Olive Oil, depending on taste
3 Tbsp Saratoga Olive Oil Co. Fig Balsamic Vinegar
Kosher salt & pepper, to taste

1. Add brown and wild rice to medium sauce pan. Then add chicken broth and splash of wine so that rice is covered, about a 1/2”.
2. Put rice on high heat, bringing to a boil. Then place on low heat, covered, and allow liquid to soak up (approximately 20 minutes).
3. Prepare scallions by cutting thinly and apples by cutting into cubes.
4. Toast pine nuts on 300 degrees until browned.
5. When rice has absorbed all liquid, add scallions, apples, cherries, and pine nuts. Mix well, adding salt and pepper to taste.
6. Place the mixture in a bowl and add the Saratoga Olive Oil Co. Fig Balsamic Vinegar and Garlic Olive Oil.

Serves 8

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