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  • Sunday Snack: Yogurt & Granola

    If yogurt and granola are staples of your breakfast routine, this quick recipe’s for you!   We jazzed up the standard yogurt and granola by adding slices of banana and drizzling it with Butternut Squash...
  • Sunday Snack: Bacon Chèvre Roll Ups with Fig Balsamic

    We took three of our favorite things - apples, bacon, and chèvre - drizzled them with our most popular infused balsamic vinegar, then rolled them up in flaky crescent rolls and baked them.  The result? An...
  • Sunday Snack: Smoke Bacon Cajun Steak Rub

    Here’s a quick trick for the next time you fire up the grill. Use our Smoked Bacon Cajun Sea Salt as a rub to add a smoky flavor to your favorite cuts of steak.   ...

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