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Sunday Snack: Our Top 5 Summer Salad Dressing Picks

Summer's here and so is the season of light, refreshing salads! One of the most common questions we're asked at our shops is what flavors pair well for a salad dressings. Welcoming summer, we put a summer spin on this question! Here are our top five favorite salad dressings for the summer season. Enjoy!

1. Basil Olive Oil & StrawberryBalsamic: herbaceous, green flavor meets the sweet, fruity essence of strawberry balsamic!
Serve with: spinach, goat cheese, walnuts

2. Herbs de Provence Olive Oil & Cranberry Pear Balsamicsavory, thyme and other herbs complement the crisp, tart fruit flavor of the balsamic.
Serve with: spinach, craisins, diced apples 
3. Meyer Lemon Olive Oil & Raspberry Balsamiclight, refreshing citrusy flavor joins the fresh, ripe flavor of raspberry balsamic.
Serve with: kale, fresh raspberries, sunflower seeds
4. Bergamot Olive Oil & Grapefruit Balsamicpacked with citrus flavor from both the grapefruit and bergamot!
Servwith: arugula, orange slices, and shaved fennel
5. Chipotle Olive Oil & Pineapple Balsamic: a sweet & spicy twist on your average summer salad!

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